• 10 Billion

    Records compromised in last 5 years

  • 95%

    Of cyber security breaches are due to human error

  • 115 Million

    Indians affected by Cyber crime in a year

Understanding Identity Theft

Identity Theft in the News

    Social media hacking is on the surge, try our Social Monitoring

    Social media monitor helps you with intelligent, real time alerts when your privacy gets compromised and reputation alerts when someone writes abusive or offensive content on your timeline.

    Is your Online Identity at risk?
    Try our Identity Risk Calculator to see where you stand

    Benefits of ID Fence protection plan

    ID Fence monitors your personal information , privacy and reputation on Social Media 24/7
    and notifies you in real-time about any threat

    • Find if your data was hacked

      Know if your personal information such as Debit/Credit Cards, Email IDs, Phone Numbers, Govt. IDs were compromised in last 7 years and if your privacy or reputation were comprised from Social Media in last 45 days.

    • 24/7 Monitoring

      Round the clock scanning of your personal data on dark web and your privacy and reputation on Social Media to check for any compromises.

    • Real-time alerts

      SMS and Email Alerts so you can take immediate action to safeguard your personal, social or financial information in case of a compromise.

    • Bank level Safety

      We are PCI DSS compliant, which defines a high security standard designed to ensure the customers information is kept safe.

    Protect your Digital Identity in 3 steps

    • 1. Sign up for free

      Sign up with your basic information to start your free trial for a month!

    • 2. Setup your account

      It only takes a few minutes to add your personal information & link your social media accounts.

    • 3. Reports and alerts

      Get real time alerts for potential identity threat on information you have added.

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