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1) 24/7 Monitoring with real-time alertsexpand_more

We scan thousands of websites and millions of data points round the clock and send real-time alerts if we find your personal information in a compromised position online.

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2) Past 7 years FREE reportexpand_more

Know if your personal information such as Debit/Credit Cards, Email IDs, Phone Numbers, Govt. IDs were compromised in the last 7 years and if your privacy or reputation were comprised from your Social Media Account in last 45 days.

3) Bank-level Safetyexpand_more

We are also PCI DSS compliant, which defines a high-security standard designed to ensure the customers' information is kept safe.

  • 14.7 Billion

    Records compromised in last 6 years

  • 115 Million

    Indians affected by Cyber crime in a year

  • 95%

    Of cyber security breaches are due to human error

Over 7,200 people found their online Identity at risk
Is your identity at risk? Try our Identity Risk Calculator to see where you stand
  • 20,000+
  • 44,000+
  • 65,000+

Understanding Identity Theft

Social media hacking is on the surge, try our Social Monitoring

Social media monitor helps you with intelligent, real time alerts on reputation and privacy in case someone misuses your personal information, tries to impersonate you, writes unwanted comments or trolls you.

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Last 7 Year Data Breach Report on personal information
+ Last 45 Day Social Media Data Breach Report

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