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Don't you struggle to find your important documents when you most need them? Remember digging through logbooks, folders and files, and still not finding them? Cursing yourself and others for not remembering what's kept where? What a waste of precious time and energy!

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Now, your life is simplified! Start living hassle-free with Docusafe from OneAssist -1 Gigabyte of secure online storage space - good enough to neatly store e-copies of ALL your important documents so they are easily accessible from anywhere and you never lose them! Ever!

Financial papers | Important certificates | Identity proofs | Family documents | Personal files

free online digital storage

1 GB of Free Online Digital Storage Space

DocuSafe can serve as 'the' single repository for the entire family's important documents.

secured encypted data

Secured Encypted Data - for your eyes only

Access to DocuSafe is password-protected and all your files are stored in an encrypted form.

intelligent organization

Intelligent Organization

The innovative interface makes it convenient for you to organize your documents into various folders as you would wish. Search, upload, create, sort, rename and delete files as per your need!

access anywhere anytime

Access anywhere anytime

Now your documents are always at your fingertips. You can view, upload and share the documents anytime you want, from anywhere in the world!

upload made easy

Upload made easy - just email

You can simply Email files (data, attachments, pictures etc.) from your smartphone to and you'll find those documents in your DocuSafe the next time you log in - without any manual intervention!

easy and secure sharing

Easy and Secure Sharing

Select the file that you wish to share, key in your contact's Email ID and share the file. You can even secure your file by assigning a password while sharing. DocuSafe ensures you never need to search for your documents ever again!


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